For our new clients, we start with a free 30 minute video consultation via Zoom to get detailed information regarding your goals for your dog. This allows us to get to know you a bit more and ensure everyone is on the same page for the training plan. We always keep your dog's best interest in mind.

There are several benefits to one on one lessons in your home. First, these lessons are personally tailored around your specific goals for your dog. Second, You get 100% of the trainer’s attention: it is just you, the trainer and your dog. Individual training guides you through the process of training your own dog, at your pace & around your schedule. 


Private lessons are ideal for people with unpredictable schedules, those who are unable to attend a group class, or those who have a dog with special needs. If your dog is overly excited by other dogs or distracting environments, it is best to start with private training. Private lessons are also for those who are incredibly results driven. Imagine having your dog perform the specific skills that you need them to perform, in the exact manner in which you and your trainer designed.

During each private one on one lesson, your trainer will teach you how to train your dog by working with your dog and showing you how to train those same behaviors, as well as coaching you to succeed. Email, text support and 15 minute Zoom "check in" calls are provided at no extra cost for clients who purchase one of our training packages.


Our private lessons are offered for those who need assistance training their dog in basic manners, are having behavior issues with their dog, are prepping for a new baby in the home, and Service Dog training assistance as well.  

One-on-one private lessons run $150 per hour in your home or out in public, if needed.

We also offer packages for your convenience. Packages must be paid in full prior to starting, and are non-refundable once lessons have started. Packages must be used within a 12 month period from date of purchase.

Private Lesson Packages

Package of 3 - $435

Package of 5 - $700

Package of 10 - $1,350

Package of 15 - $1,950

Package of 20 - $2,400

There will be a travel charge for zip codes 25 miles outside of 85258.

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