Our Public Access Training class is open to Service Dogs in Training (SDiT) as well as fully trained Service Dogs (SD) who want to proof their skills around new distractions.

This is a one hour drop-in class and is a great way for your SDiT or SD to gain more confidence working in public or around other SD teams. You, the handler, will also gain confidence by learning how to work with your dog out in public around other teams.


Your dog should be comfortable working in close proximity to other dogs. If they are still excitable, vocalize (whine, bark, squeak, etc), contact us so we can help you come up with a training plan to help your dog progress. By learning to read your dog's body language and how to handle your dog around other dogs in highly distracting environments, you will learn how to be more relaxed and confident out in public.

We also work on how to handle access issues that could arise, how to handle the public asking to pet or simply touching your SDiT/SD, and what to do if you see another dog/pet in the store.

Some of the things we will work on during these drop-in classes: eye contact/focus, sit, down, settle, wait, leave it, controlled walking through doorways, loose leash walking, recall, targeting, retrieving, tugging, elevators, working around carts, luggage, bags, public transportation, food areas, tucking under chairs/tables, self control and manners when greeting people or when other dogs are nearby. A form signed by a local doctor or psychologist stating that you have a disability and will benefit from a public access service dog is requested prior to registering for this class.

All dogs must be housebroken, up-to-date on all shots, have no aggression or bite history, and handlers must fill out a registration form.

Any dog who exhibits aggressive behavior in violation of our Minimum Training Standards for Public Access is NOT eligible for enrollment in our Public Access Training Classes, no matter what disability related tasks or alerts the dog is said to perform. Non aggressive and non excessive barking as a trained behavior/task will be acceptable in appropriate situations.

Investment for Public Access Training - $10 per class

Payment is available via Venmo, Square or Cash

Class schedule will be posted here as well as on our Facebook and Instagram - for more information, please send us an email or text at 480.886.6596

A fluffy brown Portuguese Water Dog lays on the floor in a grocery store. The dog is wearing a brown leather harness and has a black leather leash attached. The dog is in the freezer section and there are two people dressed in black shopping behind the dog.