Our virtual dog training functions much like our private lessons. Each virtual lesson is customized to assist you in reaching your training goals and is done one-on-one.  We have been offering virtual dog training since 2009. We started with Skype, and now use Zoom as our main platform. With virtual training lessons we can help you address behavior concerns, crate training, housebreaking, new puppy or dog preparation, basic obedience, leash walking, guidance on picking the right dog for your family, or even just ways to assist you in keeping your puppy or adult dog busy while you work from home.

Because there is no commute, we can get super flexible with scheduling. No matter where you live you can take advantage of our science based techniques and results. Regardless of geographical location, we can work with you. Since we are coaching you virtually on how to work with your dog, it can help keep your dog in their natural state since we aren't present to be an added distraction. When necessary, we can use our own dogs to show you how to work through certain behaviors. 

Virtual Training Pricing

30 Minute Virtual Training - $62

60 Minute Virtual Training - $125

Virtual Training Contact Form

Thank you! We look forward to meeting you via Zoom soon!