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We have been offering virtual dog training since 2009. We started with Skype, and now use Zoom as our main platform.


With virtual training lessons we can help you address behavior concerns, crate training, housebreaking, new puppy or dog preparation, basic manners, leash walking, guidance on picking the right dog for your family, or even just ways to assist you in keeping your puppy or adult dog busy while you work from home.

Here are a few reasons why virtual training may be beneficial for you and your dog:

  • Having a new person in the home can be stressful for some dogs, and can inhibit their learning process.

  • When there are minimal to no distractions in the home, we can progress through sessions more efficiently.

  • It gives you, the pet parent, the advantage of one-on-one coaching without the expense of an in-home lesson.

  • Each virtual session is recorded and provided to you at no additional cost.

  • Because there is no commute, we can get super flexible with scheduling. No matter where in the world you live, you can take advantage of our positive reinforcement techniques. Regardless of geographical location, we can get a schedule together that will work for you.


When necessary, we can use our own dog at home to show you how to work through certain behaviors.  

Virtual Training Investment

One Hour Session via Zoom - $100

Package of 5 One Hour Sessions - $400

Package of 10 One Hour Sessions - $750

Supplies you will need for your lessons

High value treats (boiled meat, hotdog slices, cheese, etc)

Medium value treats (soft dog treats, freeze dried treats, etc)

Low value treats (kibble, crunchy treats, etc)

Treat pouch that clips to waistband or has a waistbelt

Favorite/variety of toys that your dog enjoys

Clicker (or audible cue)

Virtual Training Contact Form

Thank you! We look forward to meeting you via Zoom soon!

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