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5 Month Old Standard Poodle

Stella is a black Standard Poodle. She has completed her vaccinations series. She weighed in on 11/08/21 at 28lb, 6oz. She is a very smart puppy, and is fully crate trained and proofing her house manners. She enjoys playing with our resident dogs - a Standard Poodle and a Chinese Crested, as well as many of our regular boarding dogs.

Her favorite things at this time are playing with dogs, using her snuffle mat, running around in the yard and belly rubs. She is learning how to walk on a leash, and is an outgoing and friendly puppy. She is an active puppy, but also settles quickly.

She has participated in a few public outings, including doctor appointments, hardware stores, the airport and a movie theatre. Her public outings so far have gone really well, and we will continue to expose her appropriately to many more things.

We will keep updating the page with more information as she grows!

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