The aptitude test was originally developed by Joachim and Wendy Volhard and is a widely recognized method of testing aptitude of puppies to help match them to homes and observe areas of strength or improvement for precious and further socialization, development and training opportunities.

According to Volhard.com,

"Some of the tests we use were developed as long ago as the l930’s for dogs bred to become Guide Dogs.  Then in the 1950’s, studies on puppies were done to determine how quickly they learned.  These studies were actually done to identify children’s learning stages. 
Top Dog Tips: The ideal age to test the puppy is at 49 days of age when the puppy is neurologically complete and it has the brain of an adult dog. With each passing day after the 49th day the responses will be tainted by prior learning. 
Later on in the early 60’s more tests were developed to determine if pups could be tested for dominance and submission.  These tests determined that it was indeed possible to predict future behavioral traits of adult dogs by testing puppies at 49 days of age.  Testing before or after that age affected the accuracy of the test, depending on the time before or after the 49th day. 
We took these tests, added some of our own, and put together what is now known as the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test, or PAT.  PAT uses a scoring system from 1-6 and consists of ten tests.  The tests are done consecutively and in the order listed.  Each test is scored separately, and interpreted on its own merits.  The scores are not averaged, and there are no winners or losers.  The entire purpose is to select the right puppy for the right home."

The first 12 weeks of a dog's life are the most critically formative stages, and proper early socialization is incredibly important.


The way you raise and train your puppy in combination with their genetic makeup and how much you socialize them (or don't) is going to play a bigger role in how your puppy turns out as an adult.





We are happy to evaluate one puppy in the litter, or evaluate entire litters for either the breeder, or the potential new owner looking for the right fit for their family. 

We sanitize all items used to ensure the safety of the young puppies, and we conduct the testing in an area of the breeder's home that the puppies have not yet been in.

All results are gone over with the breeder and/or potential new owner, and the client also gets all paperwork with results for each puppy evaluated.

Litter temperament testing is $60 for the testing and results.


If you have a new dog in your home, or are interested in one that is up for adoption and would like to have them evaluated, we can certainly help you with that.

We can go to your home to do the evaluation, or meet you at the shelter or wherever the dog is currently placed to evaluate them.

We will do an overall behavior assessment of the dog, and can do specific testing if needed as well.

Evaluations in the breeder/owner's home are $50, if we need to travel to a shelter/rescue to do an evaluation, the test is $65.


Travel Charge from 85258 (Loop 101 and Shea Blvd)

1-20 miles: Free

21 miles and up: $1 per mile

Please give us a call at 480.886.6596 or send us an email at sunnyb@happyk9training.com to schedule your Volhard Aptitude Test for your pups!