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Our goal is to build your dog’s confidence level and desire to work in a variety of public settings.


We offer private lessons for you and your service dog or service dog in training in the comfort of your home or in a public space. These lessons are best suited for dogs at least 6 months of age.

We are able to work on a variety of things including basic and advanced skills, proofing behaviors in different locations while adding duration, distance and distractions, socialization and exposure to multiple environments, task work, and practicing public access skills. 

We require all potential clients wanting to start their dog in our Service Dog Private Lessons to complete our Service Dog Evaluation. This takes place in a public setting, and allows us to see how your dog reacts to different stimuli in a new environment. The $50 evaluation charge does go towards the cost of a Private Lesson Package or Program of your choosing if they successfully pass the Evaluation. 

Our Private Lesson services are offered for clients who reside in the greater Phoenix area.

We are sometimes able to assist clients outside of our service area for an additional fee of $2/per mile for zip codes 20 miles outside of 85258.

One Individual 1 Hour Private Lesson

Investment - $125

Takes place in the privacy of your home or in a public location.

Private Lesson Packages

We also offer packages for your convenience. Email, text support and 15 minute Zoom "check in" calls are provided at no extra cost for clients who purchase one of our training packages. Private lesson packages can be paid in full or split into three payments, and are non-refundable once lessons have started. Packages must be used within a 12 month period from date of purchase.

Package Investment

Package of 3 - $360

Package of 6 - $690

Package of 10 - $1,100

Package of 20 - $2,000

In-Person Programs

All of our in-person programs include a treat pouch, treats, clicker, and tug toy. We meet once a week for an hour and the program should be completed within a 16 month period from date of purchase. We do offer payment plans for our In-Person Programs as well.

We are also able to come up with a custom program for you and your needs. Feel free to email us to find out more.

Public Access Program

Investment: $1,320

  • 12 week program in public locations

  • Brush up on skills (manners, tasks if started, distractions, etc)

  • Practice in new environments (stores, airports, restaurants, malls, etc)

  • Gain confidence while entering and exiting locations in a controlled manner

  • Proof skills in environments you regularly frequent

Task Training Program

Investment: $1,760

Consists of four, 4-week sessions that cover teaching two to three tasks in the home, and then proofing those tasks around different distractions, in multiple environments and in many different situations. Testing is conducted prior to starting the next phase of training.

  • Phase One - Task One in Home 

  • Phase Two - Task Two and Three/Proofing in Home

  • Phase Three - Basic Proofing in Public

  • Phase Four - Advanced Proofing in Public

12 Month Training Program

Investment: $4,800

This year-long program (48 weeks) consists of phases spread out into six, 8-week sessions with testing prior to starting the next phase of training.

  • Phase One - Basic Skills

  • Phase Two - Advanced Skills

  • Phase Three - Proofing Skills in Public

  • Phase Four - Task Training (Two Tasks)

  • Phase Five - Proofing Tasks in Public

  • Phase Six - Public Access Skills

Customized service dog training programs are available to best meet your needs.

If you would like more information on getting your dog trained to mitigate your disabilities, or have any other questions regarding our service dog training programs, please give us a call or send us an email.

We offer payment plans for everyone, as well as discounts for

BIPOC, new puppy adopters, teachers, first responders, active military and veterans.

All training programs are non-refundable once started. Discounts are only applicable to in-person training sessions.

Service Dog Private Lessons Contact Form

Thank you! We will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

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