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Our group classes are designed to help you learn better behavior management for your dog, exposure and socialization, as well as lay a solid foundation in desirable canine manners. We also work with you towards having great engagement with your dog.

We hold classes at a local park in the Scottsdale area, in North Phoenix, and in Tempe near the Loop 202 and Miller Rd. Most of our group classes meet for an hour, once a week between 4 to 6 weeks. 

All group classes include phone, text, or email support if you have any questions between classes. If you need additional assistance during the course, we can schedule a complimentary 15 minute Zoom call to keep you on track. We keep class sizes to a max of 5 students so everyone gets individual attention and instruction. If life gets in the way and you need to miss a class, make-up classes can be purchased at an additional cost by appointment only.


Please provide proof of vaccinations via email the week before class starts. Please also bring the following items to your first class: a few different, pea-sized high value treats, a treat pouch, a flat collar and/or harness, and a 4-6 ft. leather, biothane or nylon leash. No Gentle Leaders, prongs, choke chains, e-collars or retractable leashes are allowed in class.

The entire family is welcome to participate in the group classes, but we ask that there is an additional supervisor for any younger children that will not be assisting in training your dog. 

We ask that you please be respectful of other people's space. We want our group classes to be a safe place for our clients and their dogs. Please do not allow your dog to greet the other dogs in class - we will go over the safety rules during the first class.

We currently are not having any group classes at the moment - we will post when they resume.

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You and your dog will begin learning important basic skills & develop everyday manners, including how to focus on you around distractions. Sit, down, stay/wait, come, polite greetings, walking on a loose leash, hand targeting and more will be worked on during this 6 week course. Dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age at start of class.

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This 6 week course covers everything in The Beaming Beginner (pre-req) as well as focuses on keeping a closer heel, change of pace & turns as well as adding distraction, duration and distance to all cues. There is more movement, fun & games in this class, which keeps you & your dog on your toes. Dog must be at least 6 months of age at start of class.

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This is our most advanced course that covers everything learned in The Incredible Intermediate (pre-req). We practice "dropped" leash heeling, out-of-sight stays, sit & down on recall, back-up, heavy distractions with longer duration - all while out in the real world! We will meet at dog friendly establishments to solidify your dog's training for this 6 week course. This is an excellent class to take if you are considering taking the AKC Urban CGC.
Dog must be at least 1 year of age at start of class.


If you need to drop out of class, we will refund you the full amount if you inform us two weeks prior to the start of class.  If you drop the class and you inform us one week prior to the start of class, we will refund you 50%.


There are no refunds if you drop the class with less than one weeks notice or after class has started.

Class Cancellations
If we have to cancel class for any reason, we will schedule a make up class.  We will make every effort to stay with the original class schedule.

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In this 5-week course, you'll hone your dog’s skills for the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community Canine (CGCA), or Urban CGC (CGCU) test.

Please contact us to get more info. Prerequisite:  Puppies should be at least 6 months old when CGC class starts and should be current on their core vaccines.

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This is a fun 4-week course to help build a deeper bond between you & your dog. Trick training helps shy & timid dogs gain confidence, & helps energetic dogs have an outlet! It is also a great resource for mental & physical stimulation for those times when we can't be as active outside as we'd like. Dogs should be at least 4 months old at start of class.




This 1 hour drop-in class is a great way for your Service Dog in Training to gain confidence working in public or around other Service Dog teams. You will also gain confidence working with your dog out in public. Your dog needs to be calm and comfortable working in close proximity to other dogs. By learning to read your dog's body language and how to handle your dog around other dogs, and in highly distracting environments, you will be more relaxed and confident out in public. Some of the things we will work on during classes: eye contact, sit, down, settle, wait, leave it, controlled walking through doorways, loose leash walking, recall, targeting, retrieving, tugging, working around carts, luggage, bags, public transportation, self control and manners when greeting people or when other dogs are nearby. A form signed by a local doctor or psychologist stating that you have a disability and will benefit from a public access service dog must be provided prior to taking this class.

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In this 6 week course we will go over proper socialization, housebreaking, mouthing and nipping, how to better understand dog behavior, & learning how to set up your pup for success. We will cover some basic foundation behaviors like come when called, sit, down, name recognition and hand targeting. The bond & skills we help you build will last you & your pup a lifetime.
Prerequisite:  Puppies should be at least 16 weeks of age when class starts and should be current on their core vaccines.

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