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Our day-training program is typically held anywhere from two to five times per week depending on your goals and your dog’s needs. Day-trainings are geared towards a one on one lesson involving the trainer and your dog. You may want the benefits of a board-and-train style training program but don't want to send your dog away. Having a few lessons per week can help mimic the training of the type of program you are looking for without the separation from your dog for weeks. In our day-training lessons, the trainer will come to your home and personally work with your dog for an hour. This is great for people who are busy with work, family or have an odd schedule. We do the work for you, in the dog's environment, and we follow up with you via e-mail after the training has completed for that week.

A typical day-training program consists of an initial consultation and is followed by the trainer coming to your home to work with your dog. Each package includes two private lessons in your home with you. The first is at the end of the program to show you what your dog has learned and to transfer all the training and skills to you. This includes teaching you, the owner, how to ask your dog for and reinforce new behaviors. The second is a follow up lesson within two weeks after the sessions have ended. Each session will be an hour in length in your home between 2-5 times a week with the trainer working with your dog. All training done with Happy K9 Training will be done without aversive tools (no e-collars, prongs, choke chains, Halti's, or Gentle Leaders). Our trainer is happy to provide treats at no cost to you during the time they spend working with your dog if you so choose.

*We are currently only offering Happy Hour Adventures in the surrounding 10 mile radius of 85258 (Loop 101 & Shea). 

Initial Consultation - $75

Happy Hour Adventure Packages

Weekly 2 Hour Session - $85

Twice Weekly 2 Hour Sessions - $160

Three Times a Week 2 Hour Sessions - $228

*The Day-Training Program is not suitable for dogs with severe anxiety, fear, or aggression issues. Please see our private in-home training option for assistance with behavioral issues.*

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